Ni Made Nunik Sayani, SS, MHum

Ni Made Nunik Sayani

Nunik Sayani earned a BA in English and MA in Translation Studies from Udayana University. Being a native Balinese, she works with two language pairs, i.e., English-Indonesian and English-Balinese, and has for over five years offered professional services in the language combination.

Her areas of specialization include academic and legal translation. A position in a local university has familiarized Nunik with the translation of such scholarly writing as abstracts, proceedings, articles, and books. Her academic translations have been accepted for publication in reputable, international Scopus-indexed journals.

Nunik has benefited greatly from an intense mentorship with an internationally-recognized professor of law working for Indonesia’s Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform. She has a wealth of experience of translating official and legal documents from law firms and notaries. Not only has the practice allowed Nunik to directly engage in the nuts and bolts of translating various documents written in legalese, but it has also equipped her with the knowledge and skills required to address the complexities of legal translation.

She is a full member of the Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI) and currently serves as a secretary of the Bali branch of HPI.