We are linguists who indulge our passion for language and what lies beyond. Translators, editors/reviewers, and proofreaders here at Indonesian Translations are globally-minded people possessing specialized language skills and acute cross-cultural awareness, coupled with years of professional experience and a proven track record in the industry.

We come to the act of translating with our dynamic framework of knowledge and understanding of the social, cultural and linguistic make-up of source text and that of the target text. Our first-class language services and solutions stem from the translators’ diverse sociocultural background, strong academic credentials and real-world professional experience.

We view ourselves as part of a global professional community and thus our translators hold memberships in a number of leading, authoritative translator/linguist organizations in different countries. These include the American Translators Association (ATA), Indonesian Translators Association (HPI) as well as the UK-based Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

At Indonesian Translations, the linguistic freaks and professionals are teaming up for the highest standards of professional conduct as well as for timely and quality translations.


Our language enthusiasts and professionals

M Iwan Munandar, PhD, MITI

ITI-certified English-Indonesian translator
HPI-affiliated English-Javanese translator

Kuntayuni, MTransInterp

HPI-affiliated English-Indonesian/Balinese translator

Albard Khan, BA (Law), M.Ed.

HPI-affiliated English-Indonesian translator

Ferdina Siregar, SE, MM

HPI-certified English-Indonesian translator

Ni Luh Windiari, SS, MHum

HPI-certified English-Indonesian translator

Fransiska Khoe

HPI-affiliated English-Indonesian translator

Kamalia Lais

HPI-certified English-Indonesian translator

Nunik Sayani, SS, MHum

HPI-affiliated English-Indonesian/Balinese translator

Jenny Anastasia

HPI-affiliated English-Indonesian translator

Istiani Prajoko

HPI-certified English-Indonesian/Javanese translator

Muhammad Iwan Munandar (Iwan) works on the translation, editing, and localization of Indonesian/Javanese and English language pair. His specializations include business, commerce, finance, and management. He gained a lot from the experience of becoming both a translator and copywriter in a marketing-communications agency. Iwan obtained a BA in English from Universitas Jember (Indonesia), Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland (Australia), and PhD in Applied Linguistics from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). His real passion for language and intercultural communication is manifested in translation and any creative linguistic endeavour.

Iwan is an ITI-certified Indonesian<>English translator (MITI) and a Chartered Linguist/Full Member of Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL), two reputable UK-based professional linguist and translator associations. He also holds membership in ATA, HPI, and ProZ Certified PRO Network. With over 15 years of experience, Iwan’s solid academic background and professional expertise are the backbone to assure high standards of profession and quality translation.

A native Balinese, Kuntayuni is an experienced translator working on English to Indonesian/Balinese translations and vice versa. Kunta, as she is familiarly known, obtained an undergraduate degree in English literature from Udayana University (Bali, Indonesia) and a Master of Translating and Interpreting from RMIT (Melbourne, Australia). She embarked on the language industry in 2007 as an in-house translator for a prestigious Bali-based law firm. Not only did the position familiarize Kunta with specific legal terms, but it also paved her way for launching a career as a full-time independent translator and specializing in the translation of law/legal documents.

Kunta was one of contract translators for APEC 2013 in Bali as well as for various national and international events held within and outside Bali. These have introduced Kunta to many and varied translation fields–such as business, fishery, medical and healthcare as well as food and agriculture–and further developed her expertise. As part of the commitments to provide quality translations, Kunta emphasises the importance of profound subject knowledge and sociocultural understanding of both source and target languages and of involving creative ideas in the translation processes. Furthermore, Kunta is an active member of the Association of Indonesian Translator (HPI) and had from 2015 until 2016 been at the helm of the Bali chapter of HPI, which bolstered her professional network and standing.

Formerly the president of Universitas Jember student English club (UKM USEF), Albard Khan embarked on his translation journey in 2002 when the organization was working on a translation project, an event that has since hooked him into translation business. A bachelor of law, Albard specializes in translating law-related materials such as contracts, agreements, law book chapters, and corporate disclaimers from English to Indonesian and vice versa. He had for many years been an English tutor before completing Cambridge University’s In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT). Later he earned a master’s degree in educational research, evaluation, and assessment from Flinders University in South Australia.

His diverse educational background facilitates him to spot and understand subtle nuances of language expressions used in different fields, allowing him to translate a wide range of topics with ease. Albard’s research skills, attention to detail, and familiarity with Wordfast and Trados, have delivered results that satisfy both domestic and international clients, be they end-users or translation agencies.

Ferdina is an experienced HPI Certified Indonesian-English translator providing translation, localization, and editing services. She obtained two master’s degrees in Finance, i.e. Banking and Financial Management as well as Financial Management, from Indonesia’s leading universities, and had a wealth of direct experience in financial industry. It is little wonder that Ferdina is fully acquainted with specific topics and terms related to banking, finance, and insurance. She also greatly benefits from her educational and professional background by specializing in business and legal translation.

Ferdina is familiar with such widely-used CAT tools as SDL Trados and memoQ, which helps enhance her translation productivity and quality. Her active involvement in the HPI’s professional development programs has not only expanded her network, but it also hones her translation skills. Apart from being a full-time translator, Ferdina offers interpreting services, which has further introduced her to a variety of topics, including waste and disaster management, forest/drug crime, and FCPA investigations.

Windi is an HPI-certified Indonesian>English translator in the specialist field of law. After completing a BA in English, she took a master’s degree in Translation studies and graduated cum laude. Windi’s thesis on the Indonesian-into-English translation of modalities in legislative and private legal texts not only evinces great interest in legal translations, but it also demonstrates her specialized knowledge and skills. Still, she loves working in such other areas as education, marketing, and website localization-internationalization.

Being a native Balinese, Windi does Balinese-English translation as well. Her professional belief dictates that quality translation is the dynamic interplay of language expertise, sound subject knowledge, and deep cross-cultural awareness.

Fransiska Khoe offers translation, subtitling, and transcription services in the English-Indonesian language pair. Before embarking on a career as a full-time freelancer in the language industry, Fransiska worked for various multi-national industries, notably architecture, aviation, and banking, in different roles; thanks to her major in architecture. The solid and diverse academic and professional background has allowed Fransiska to work on localisation projects of a variety of fields and topics, including banking, business and finance, healthcare and medical, human resources, marketing, and photography. Moreover, the technical savvy and can-do attitude have enabled Fransiska to become quickly adept at using such computer-assisted translation (CAT) and subtitling tools as SDL Trados, Wordfast, OmegaT, Aegisub, Subtitle Edit, and Transcriber.

Fransiska has also enjoyed the benefits of joining the Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI) in that she finds opportunities not only to attend continuing professional development programmes but also to grow her personal and business network.

An HPI-certified legal translator for both English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English language pair, Kamalia has for almost 10 years provided services as a professional certified translator for domestic and international clients. These include notary offices, law firms, private companies, translation agencies and individual clients. Legal documents that she has so far translated range from contracts, court petitions, litigation materials, memorandum of appeal, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to forensic toxicology expert witness reports.

Such a complex undertaking requires not only a solid academic background but also an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and the specific legal terminology of the source and the target country. To that end, Kamalia attended legal translation courses at a basic, intermediate and advanced level organised by a prominent Jakarta-based university. She is now pursuing a BA in English with a major in translation studies to further enhance her working knowledge and skills. Equally important, Kamalia has held a BA in computerized accounting, making her well-versed in busines, finance, and marketing translations as well.

Nunik Sayani earned a BA in English and MA in Translation Studies from Udayana University. Being a native Balinese, she works with two language pairs, i.e., English-Indonesian and English-Balinese, and has for over five years offered professional services in the language combination.
Her areas of specialization include academic and legal translation. A position in a local university has familiarized Nunik with the translation of such scholarly writing as abstracts, proceedings, articles, and books. Her academic translations have been accepted for publication in reputable, international Scopus-indexed journals.

Nunik has benefited greatly from an intense mentorship with an internationally-recognized professor of law working for Indonesia’s Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform. She has a wealth of experience of translating official and legal documents from law firms and notaries. Not only has the practice allowed Nunik to directly engage in the nuts and bolts of translating various documents written in legalese, but it has also equipped her with the knowledge and skills required to address the complexities of legal translation.
She is a full member of the Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI) and currently serves as a secretary of the Bali branch of HPI.

Jenny Anastasia works on the translation and editing of the English–Indonesian language pair. Majoring in electrical engineering and information technology (IT), Jenny is conversant with electrical and IT terms as well as general technical words and expressions. She started her language-related career as a secretary in Sumatra-based bilateral cooperation projects, where either English-to-Indonesian or Indonesian-to-English translations were part of her daily tasks. Not only did the experience rekindle Jenny’s keen interest in language, but it also familiarised her with forestry, environmental, and social terminology.

In 2012, she decided to become a freelance translator and has since worked for translation agencies both from Indonesia and abroad. Drawing on her educational and hands-on professional experience, Jenny works mostly on technical, environment, and forestry documents. A good working knowledge of a number of computer-assisted translation (CAT) and subtitling tools, such as SDL Trados, Wordsfast, Aegisub, and InqScribe, is a definite plus for Jenny’s translation and subtitling works.

A career in the language industry spanning more than 20 years and a list of over 100 translation books speak volume for Istiani’s professional credentials. Istiani is an HPI-certified English-Indonesian translator. Apart from growing up, studying, and living in the cultural heart of Java, Istiani’s BA in English at the Yogyakarta-based Universitas Gadjah Mada has paved her way for working on projects involving three languages: English, Indonesian, and Javanese.

Istiani offers translation, editing, subtitling, and localisation services in the English-Indonesian and English-Javanese language combination to domestic and overseas clients from different industries and types of organization. Her fields of translation/localisation include automotive, game, human resources, IT, product or training manual, marketing as well as hotel and tourism. Istiani’s familiarity with a variety of CAT tools–such as SDL Trados, MemoQ, SmartCat, CrowdIn, and Memsource–helps boost her productivity, maintain consistency of terminology, and ensure the quality of both the process and result of her works.