Kamalia Lais      

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An HPI-certified legal translator for both English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English language pair, Kamalia has for almost 10 years provided services as a professional certified translator for domestic and international clients. These include notary offices, law firms, private companies, translation agencies and individual clients. Legal documents that she has so far translated range from contracts, court petitions, litigation materials, memorandum of appeal, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to forensic toxicology expert witness reports.

Such a complex undertaking requires not only a solid academic background but also an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and the specific legal terminology of the source and the target country. To that end, Kamalia attended legal translation courses at a basic, intermediate and advanced level organised by a prominent Jakarta-based university. She is now pursuing a BA in English with a major in translation studies to further enhance her working knowledge and skills. Equally important, Kamalia has held a BA in computerized accounting, making her well-versed in busines, finance, and marketing translations as well.